Forest Conservation

One of my current initiatives is to plant a tree for every guitar I sell.

Plant tree for each guitar sold

More specifically, I’m working with forestry preservation organizations to have trees planted of the same species that I use in my guitars. The amount of wood used in 1 guitar is very small compared to the amount of wood in an average tree. I believe that this type of effort is necessary if real positive change is to happen. I will be planting some trees locally myself and also researching other options to fund tree planting in more distant places for exotic species.

This is just the beginning and I’m sure that more individuals, businesses, and industries will take similar actions in years to come. We all share this planet and need to protect our natural environment in our own way.

The Hidden Life Of Trees by: Peter Wholleben is a great book about forest protection. It’s incredibly well researched and focuses on recent discoveries about the unique role that trees play in creating biodiversity and stabilizing the earths climate. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in conservation efforts or forest protection and responsible forestry.


Hidden Life of trees


My hope is to encourage people to support craftsman and artisans who take responsibility for the raw materials they use to create their works of art. I plan to provide photos and GPS locations of the specific trees that I have planted as well as the locations of trees that I’ve sponsored through reforestation organizations to provide transparency and encourage further support of these groups.

If other artists, crafts people, business people, musicians, or environmentalists want to be involved in this same effort; I encourage you to reach out and email me or get in touch some how with other like minded people and we can all work together to help preserve the ancient forests and help protect endangered ecosystems.

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