Introduction to Hand Tools 

Next class:         10/28/17      10am – 2pm

Intro to hand tools class offered at the CU Woodshop in Champaign Illinois.

This class will explain how wood working is done with chisels, hand planes, saws, files, rasps, and scrapers. There will be some hands on use with the tools. I’ll be discussing the history, variations, and evolution of hand tools focusing on how they can be used to compliment the power tools in our modern workshops.

There is not a specific project associated with this class, the purpose being to gain a better understanding of how to develop general hand tool skills. There will be several demonstrations and hands on experiences such as; creating mortise and tennon joints, dove tails (and pins), as well as shooting a joint and thicknessing surfaces with hand planes.



Guitar Making

US Guitar Kit Class – Building an acoustic guitar

Next class:    2018 – Date to be scheduled

The perfect opportunity for anyone who want’s to build a guitar and isn’t sure about where to begin.

We do use a kit. Some parts of the kit are already assembled (Back and Sides) We will do the rest of the construction in class. No prerequisites. If you have previous woodworking experience that’s fine but not required. We build the guitars in three very busy days. I’m there teaching the entire time. It’s a lot of fun and can also be a bit challenging for most people.

So far… all the guitars have turned out great. I’m happy to discuss the class with anyone thinking about taking it. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about what we’ll be doing, or about the guitars, or about individual needs and accommodations. I’ve been offering this class about once a year for approximately six years and it’s one of my favorite classes to teach.