What you get when you buy a guitar from me.

I give my customers a lifetime guarantee… that is I guarantee that I’ll work on or repair any guitars that I build for the rest of my life because one thing that I’m sure of, is that I’ll never stop building guitars and that the guitars I make will more than likely out live me.

The greatest fear that most musicians seem to have with regard to buying solid wood hand built guitars is weather or not a Luthier will stand behind their work or offer affordable services years after a “limited warranty” is expired.

If one of my guitars ever fails due to my construction technique or a materials failure, the necessary work to repair the instrument will be free, or if necessary I’ll replace the instrument at no cost to the customer.

Rest assured that if you buy a Cioni Guitar or any of my stringed instruments, the guy who made it (me) will be there to make adjustments or perform a repair – if it’s ever needed.

-Nick Cioni