Steel String Guitars

Modern American-Made guitars crafted with one of a kind bracing, exclusive top thickness designs, and world class french polished finishes.

An exceptional guitar is critical for musicians who want to remove distractions from their playing like buzzing strings and awkward action. A Cioni Steel String Guitar will provide focused reliable projection and remarkably accurate intonation that doesn’t falter or fade over a few years time. These guitars start out “a head above the rest” and only get better in time.

A great guitar doesn’t just look good it must function as a precision instrument and also be durable enough to handle the wear and tear of regular playing while “aging with grace.” Although it’s rare to get a steel string guitar with a French Polish, there are some great advantages to the time honored finish. Nitro-cellulose or lacquer finishes gradually shrink and tend to yellow over time, while a shellac French Polish is basically neutral and has the added advantage of being very easy to “touch up” or re-finish entirely if some damage or wear becomes destructive to the wood of the guitar.

$2,500  / student model

$4,500  / recording model

$6,000  / Professional model

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