Inspired by the sound of waves and tropical melodies of Hawaii. These Ukes pack a serious punch and rich deep tones that most players don’t expect from a small instrument.

The secret is in the construction. Each Uke is carefully assembled using the same master grade materials as the finest classical and flamenco guitars as well as exotic mahogany and koa. The lightness of the instrument is the key to it’s potent tone and responsiveness. There is nothing more satisfying than picking up an instrument that jumps to life at the slightest touch of a string and seems to project more volume than should be possible from a small seemingly simple instrument.

Ukuleles offer a unique opportunity for musical experimentation and intimate interpretation of any musical style.

$600  / Soprano

$800  / Concert

$1200 / Tenor

$1300  / Bass

Select from available instruments or email to place a custom order.

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