Classical / Flamenco

The traditional guitar as it’s been made since the time of Antonio de Torres. These classical and flamenco guitars can be used or played for any style of music. There are differences in the responsiveness and harmonic sustain of each guitar as well as cosmetic differences due to different types and thicknesses of wood, inlay and binding details. The simple advantage is that with any a handmade Cioni Guitar the musician will have an instrument with a world class French Polish Finish, an incredible range of tonal and dynamic reserve, and extremely comfortable setup regarding the action and play-ability of the guitar.

$3,500  / Light Wood Guitars (Traditional for Flamenco)

Light wood guitars have a more of a punch in the fundamental tone when plucked or struck slightly less harmonic sustain with moderate “percussiveness.”

$4,500  / Dark Wood Guitars (Traditional for Classical)

Dark wood guitars have clear bell like tonal character with slightly more note separation and more harmonic sustain which helps to fill out melodic passages and gives the guitar a characteristic “darkness” or “mystery” to the tone and sustain.

Bracing options vary and can be custom ordered. Cioni guitars also provide new bracing designs specially developed for increased projection and tone color with exceptional dynamic responsiveness and reserve.

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