Classical / Flamenco

Classical Guitar

The traditional guitar as it’s been made since the time of Antonio de Torres.

Classical and flamenco guitars can be used for any style of music. There are differences in  each guitar due to different types of wood, bracing, inlay, and binding details. My handmade guitars feature a French Polish finish, exceptional tonal and dynamic reserve, and a comfortable standard setup.

Base prices include standard wood options, tuners, and hard case.

$2,500 / Student Model base price (light or dark wood – (limited material options)

$3,500  / Light Wood Guitars base price (Traditional for Flamenco)

Light wood guitars usually have more punch in the fundamental tone when plucked or strummed and less harmonic sustain with moderate “percussiveness.” I prefer to use Flamed Maple for the back and sides with a Spruce top.

$4,500  / Dark Wood Guitars base price(Traditional for Classical)

$6,500 / Double top (all Spruce, all Cedar, or Combination with Nomex) Dark or Light wood back and sides. There are many other variables which can be modified.

Dark wood guitars usually have clear bell like tonal character with slightly more note separation and more harmonic sustain which helps to fill out melodic passages and gives the guitar a characteristic “darkness” or “mystery” to the tone and sustain.

Walnut is becoming my preferred wood for classical guitar backs and sides due to its local availability, tonal qualities, and richness of color. There are many options for tone woods and costs will vary for most species. The traditional woods such as Indian Rosewood, Ebony, and Brazilian Rosewood are suffering from deforestation and there are many tree species in danger of extinction. I will continue to use these traditional woods on a limited basis while trying to promote the use of more sustainable materials without compromising the quality of my instruments.

Bracing options vary and can be custom ordered. I also provide new bracing designs specially developed for increased projection, tonal color, dynamic responsiveness and reserve. Some bracing and top options including; fan bracing, transverse bar with fan, lattice bracing, double tops, standard single tops, and v bracing.

Ask about my new bracing designs for more information. Demonstration videos and audio recordings are forthcoming.

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